Bishop’s College Presentation Evening

Bishop’s College Presentation Evening

Thursday 21st December 1967

My diary for that day reads as follows:

‘What a day! A number of students turned up to help with the exhibition and, at last it’s finished. We have covered the following topics; soil, reefs, vegetation, livestock, communications, population and local produce. Mr Barratt, The Agricultural Officer, provided us with some excellent samples which added considerably to the whole display.

Presentation Evening was a great event for all concerned, especially for the students who received awards and prizes. Mr Alleyne gave a memorable speech in which he subtly hinted at the need for greater co-operation from the Governing Body and the Archdeacon. I got the impression that members of the Governing Body on the stage, including R.E.Noel, were somewhat taken aback but then Mr Alleyne has been having difficulties getting finance and much needed resources for the college from the Governing Body.

The presentation of prizes and certificates was impressive. Joycelyn Gay turned out to be the obvious star of the previous year. I lost count how many times she was called up to the stage to receive an award.’

Presentation Challenge

I was fortunate to be able to record the whole Presentation Evening for posterity but I never recorded the names of the students going up to collect their prizes and certificates. So, I would like your help please. If you can put names to any of the students and guests on the stage please send them in. I should be very grateful for such valuable information

I will put up the photos in small batches over the next few weeks and I thank you, in advance, for your co-operation.

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  1. Sports Trophy Winners – the man on the left is

  2. Bill, did you capture any of the Talent Show also?

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