Bishop’s College

Bishop’s College

Early History

The founding of Bishop’s College in 1964 was a defining moment in the history of Carriacou. For the first time Carriacouan students had access to secondary education on the island. Previously, only privileged students were able to continue their education beyond Primary school by studying at colleges in Grenada.

Bishop’s College was inspired by the Rev. L.A.Todd and was supported by the founders Francis Dickson, Dr Laurel Stanislaus, Percy Cox, Gerald Marcelle, John Scott and John Cox. The first intake consisted of 167 students and the first Principal was the Rev. Whappler. The teaching staff included local Carriacouans such as Lorna Cayenne, Franklyn (Paddy) Roberts, Eleuthan (Uthan) Noel and Rodge Gay.

Bernard Bullen replaced the Rev. Whappler. In September 1966 Mr E.S.(Goot) Alleyne arrived from Barbados with wife, Marion and children George (Jeff) and Glenroy (Rufi) to fulfil a three year contract as Principal. ‘Goot’ had degrees in Law and History and he brought a new rigour to the College as well as an inspired vision for the College in the way of educational excellence. During his time as Principal, Bishop’s College established itself as an institution of considerable repute as students began to sit and pass GCE’s.

Bishop’s College Building

The original building occupied the converted Anglican Church Hall in the middle of town. Extra classrooms existed on the other side of the road in a converted Nutmeg Store. The main building had 1st and 2nd year intake groups downstairs. Classes 4A and 5B were upstairs. 5A were housed on the upper floor of the Nutmeg store along with a small Science laboratory built by the staff. The Staffroom and Principal’s office were housed on a raised section at the far end of 5B classroom.

College Year 1967-68

I arrived to join the staff of Bishop’s College at the beginning of September 1967. I joined the teaching staff of an established institution with a growing reputation for academic excellence. Principal, Mr E.S. (Goot) Alleyne led a talented team of teachers which included Franklyn (Paddy) Roberts, Eleuthan (Uthan) Noel, Rodge Gay, Vincent (Yankee) Bullen and George and Cathy Touchton from USA. I myself came on a contract with Voluntary Service Overseas and replaced Tony Cook who taught in the College the previous year.

Students 1967-68

The most important people in the College were, of course, the students. I taught Forms 4, 5A and 5B. It occurred to me you might like to know (or be reminded of) the names of students in each class. (Any ex-students reading this may like to know I still have most of your grades if you would like them!!!!!!)

Form 4

Leonard Alexander,   Anne Alexis,  Claudia Augustine,  Selwyn Babtiste,  Barnabus (Barney) Bethel,  Maurice Blaize,  Paul Boatswain,  Vestine Cayenne, Wayne Davidson,  Solomon Fleary,  Verna Fleary,  Clemencia George,     Albertus James,  Joseph James,  David John,  Judith John,  Veronica John,  Josephine Joseph, Stephanie Joseph,  Terry Joseph,  Regina King,                  John Lambert,  Johnny McKenzie,  Jane McLawrence,   Coswin McLeod, Hyacinth McQuilkin,  Keith McQuilkin,  Ann Prime,  Merrill Prime,  Minora Raymond,  Anthony Stiell,  Keith Stiell,  Kenneth Stiell,  Marjorie Thomas.

Form 5B

Everest  Alexander,  Valerie Alexander,  Dennis Alexis,  Jacinthia Alexis,  Astor Andrew,  Ezra  Andrew,  Alfred Babtiste,  Sylvia Bartholomew,   Bernadine Bascombe,  Patsy Bedeau,  Albert Benjamin,   Agnes Brown,   Margaret Brown,  Edith Charles,  Deborah Cox,  Sybil David,  John Douglas,  Mavis Emmons,  Martin Fleary,   Viola Fleary,  Esther Guadaloupe,       Cornelius Jaffier,  Davis Joseph,  Magdalene  Joseph,  Mary Joseph,            Sarah McFarlane,  Sarahnie McFarlane,  Solomon McKenzie,  Josiah McLeod,  Patricia Levine,  Louise Pierre,   Esther Prime,  Clarissa Scott,  Henry Stiell,  Minita Williams.



Form 5A

Manson Adams,  Palmira Augustine,  Lionel Babtiste,  Letitia Bartholamew,  Tyrone Bethel,  Joseph Browne,  Annette Cayenne,  Evra Cummings,          Eileen David,  Bernice Davidson,  Joseph Faure,  Rosalyn Fleary,  Nell Gabriel,  Monica Guadaloupe,  Nicholas Jacob,  Vena James,  David  Joseph,    Maria  Joseph,  Laurel Martineau,  Selwyn Mills,  Stephanie McKenzie,             Jacinta Nedd,  Margaret Noel,  Matthew Noel,  Testina Scott,  Carol Stewart,  Paul Quamino.  Joyce Stiell,  Errol Thomas.

Over the next few posts I will try and give you a flavour of daily life in Bishop’s College and relate some of the events that took place during the year. Anyone who would like to add a contribution can contact me using the contact box on this site.

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24 Responses to Bishop’s College

  1. The old Nutmeg Shop across the street from Bishop’s College also contained a small library of donated USAID paperback classics, organized by students and staff. I still have one of them, kept as a momento of two fantastic years in Carriacou, teaching at Bishop’s College. What a treat to see all the student names again.

    I remember asking David Joseph why he was known as “Shorty”. His answer? “When I was small, I used to be short”. I saw David again on Labor Day in Brooklyn, N.Y., when the West Indian Parade went by and he jumped out of the Carriacou band to say hi. What a great day – to join the jump up again with old friends.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thanks Cathy. I will mention the library in a separate post with some photos. Do you remember the fun George and I had making the shelves and study desks out of the Nutmeg bin lids? We used cow chain to hold up the shelves, if you remember. We had that old Dewey decimal book as a reference guide and we used the old typewriter I brought from England. You got books sent from America and I had book donations sent from England. The tea chests were carried from Grenada by Paddy’s brother in Law Goldwyn I seem to remember. A lot of books went missing and Goot found them being proudly displayed in house windows throughout the town. Great days indeed.
      I must try and persuade you to write your memories Cathy. You were always good at writing.
      Keep in touch.

  2. Mary Stanislaus says:

    Hi This is to Mrs Touchton as she was known in Carriacou. I hope you remember me, I was the little girl who lived next door to you.with my Grandmother. I was forever calling round at your house, bothering you all . I just can’t beleive it, as I came on this website accidentally. I have always wandered what happened to you both.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Hi Mary,
      WONDERFUL to hear from you. I will pass your message on to Cathy and send you her email address. I kept the little coaster present you gave me when I left for years. I have a very faded picture of Tan-Se-Se which you may like. I will write you. Ok? All the very best, Bill

      • Mary Stanislaus says:

        Hi Bill
        Thank you so much. You do realise I am in tears now. I can’t believe you have a picture of my grandmother. I have no photos of her. She died in 1969. I would have liked to see the What a good memory you have! Once again thank you so much.

      • Bill Cameron says:

        The most exciting thing about this blog is being able to re-connect with friends I thought I’d never hear from again. It’s amazing how a couple of messages spark a miriad of memories. I will look up the photos and send them to your email address. Lovely to meet with you again Mary.
        P.S. I left the coaster in Cumbria when I moved south. I always kept it with five little ‘Doves of Peace’ on it taken from the middle of a sand dollar. It may still be there. I will check.

  3. Marilyn J Moses says:

    Dear Mr Cameron

    I was very excited and happy to see this published on the Internet and wondered if you have the names of the Students or the first Students in 1966?

    The reason for this is my sister Joan Moses started when Bishop College first opened and soon after my Mother returned from the UK and we all left Carriacou.

    I would be so grateful if you can check if the archive would go back this far in time and not lost, please let me know if I can help further in any way.

    Thanks & Regards
    Marilyn Moses

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      Thank you for your comment. 1966 was the year before I started and so I don’t have any information from that year. I just wonder if you have the correct year? BC first opened, as far as I know, in 1964. I’m not sure who might have the student lists for that year or the following years up to 1967.
      N.B. If anyone reading this has any idea if student lists still survive we’d be glad to hear from you. Thank you.

  4. Marilyn Moses says:

    Dear Mr Cameron

    Thank you so much for your reply, indeed I got the dates wrong, we left Carriacou in April of 1965, however, my sister was one of the first batch of Students as mentioned in my earlier note.

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Monica Cudjoe says:

    Hi, I was one of the first student in 1964-1965 at Bishop’s College. I wander if there is a list of the students and teachers from that period. I just happened on this web page and it began me wandering back to those heady days! I do hope you can help or if you know of anyone who can. Thank you,

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thank you for your comment. I don’t have a list of students for 1964 tho’ I would love to see one. I’m not sure who might have such a list.
      Any names you can remember Monica would make a very useful start to such a list. Other ex-students might also like to contribute.
      The 50th anniversary of the opening of Bishop’s College is in 2014. It would be nice if we could compile a list of students who attended in that first year and send it to BC as part of the celebrations.
      Thanks again..

  6. Hi Mr Cameron, it is good to see those great photos once again. It’s not in my wildest dream that i thought i would see myself and laugh. It was a pleasure to share it with my children.How are you? Say hello to Mrs. Touchton.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Hi Merrill,
      I’m pleased that got your chuckle muscle working. Lovely to hear from you. I am very well thank you. I’ll pass your greetings on to Cathy.

  7. Jerva Cox says:

    I attended Bishop’s College from 1966 to 1971. After completing GCE in 1971, I went on to teach for two years at the Hilliborough Junior Sccondary School (Now Hillsborough Secondary). I was involved in their 40th anniversary in 2011 and while I was there, the Anglican priest was planting the seed for Bishop’s College 50th in 2014.
    I will like all past teachers and students of Bishop’s to be on the lookout for further information on that in ordet to make the 50th Anniversary of the College a success.
    Mr Cameron, I thank you for all your information and pictures on the site. I was not in your class as you can seefrom the dates of my attendance. I will hover like to be able to contact you because I think you can be of valued assistance to the celebration. Many of your former students live in the USA now and many in New York where I live. The seed has been planted so let’s move on.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thank you Jerva. Your comments are noted and much appreciated. I hope other ex-students reading this may feel moved to write in to help celebrate BCs 50th anniversary. I suggest a compilation of memories and anecdotes might be an interesting opener. Thanks again for getting in touch. Have you looked to see if you appear in the photos of the yr2 class?

  8. Rholda Quamina says:

    Very fascinating information Bill. It will be interesting to see how things have changed and more interesting to see what remain the same at the school

  9. Rholda Quamina says:

    Bill, I really will appreciate your help through your website for information to be able to put together the History of Bishop’s College which we also want to do for the Anniversary as well. Information re names of Principals, teachers, and students. Keep up your good work

  10. Jerva Cox says:

    I have been quite busy since my last post in April 2012 as I was affected by the slo
    wdown in the global economy coupled with two visits to Carrriacou to attend funerals. I hope that with this start in 2013 that we can all use this year to speed up the 50th

  11. Denise Dickson says:

    I am the daughter of Francis Dickson, I would love for you to post some pictures of him. It is wonderful to see the family history even though I am in the United States.

  12. John Mayers says:

    This is a complete long shot and I hope someone can help.I live in Compton Martin, England, South of Bristol and the next village is West Harptree. I came across a report in 1965 which said this:
    The church room (Compton Martin) was the old school whose bell will now be ringing in the Windward Islands as it has been presented to the rector of West Harptree ( St Mary’s) who has gone to work in a NEW church there. It could have been a small hand bell or something much bigger. I write articles for the village newsletter and it would be nice to identify the church in the Windward Islands and say that the bell is still being used today. I have been unable to find the name of the rector from St Marys West Harptree who came to the Windward Islands.

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