Camp Carriacou

Camp Carriacou 1972

Camp Carriacou 1972

Camp Carriacou 1972

Camp Carriacou 1972

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  1. Angus Friday says:

    I was in Carriacou in 1972 and travelled to Frigate Island … going past Camp Carriacou. Too young at the time to study there. Later on, I had hoped to study Marine Biology, but did Medicine due to availability of scholarships. Luckily, later in life I became involved with islands, climate change and oceans having recently served chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) at the UN while serving as Grenada’s UN Ambassador, then as the World Bank’s Oceans Representative and now as Grenada’s Ambassador to the US where Grenada teamed up with the Netherlands, Norway, the US and Indonesia to put on the Global Ocean Action Summit in the Hague earlier this year (2014). Grenada’s Prime Minister recently teamed up with Sir Richard Branson (Virgin) and others on Necker Island to launch the Caribbean Challenge Initiative with TNC. Grenada has committed to conserve 20% of its near shore marine resources. Now, I am working with others to help Grenada / Carriacou become a haven for marine science and “the blue economy” with a small amount of funding to catalyse a “blue economy institute”. We are always seeking persons who are nostalgic for Camp Carriacou and might wish to see Carriacou and Grenada play a greater role in marine science, technology and policy. Happy to discuss further.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Dear Dr Friday,
      Firstly, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to write. I consider Carriacou, Petit Martinique and Grenada to be very special islands. They mean a great deal to myself and the people who read and contribute to my website. The initiatives you are involved with are both innovative and inspiring. The conservation of the marine environment is an inspirational goal. Thank you for making the readers of this ‘blog’ aware of the work you are undertaking. I am sure that they will be delighted to read your comments and to hear of your interest and commitment to ‘near shore marine resources’.
      From what I have been told, Camp Carriacou played a very important role in educating its students in the importance of maintaining and sustaining a pristine marine environment around the islands. The past students who have written to me all express their gratitude for the information and the opportunities offered by the facility. I know that they will welcome your interest in Camp Carriacou even though it is now, sadly, just a ruin. Do you think it could ever be restored and re-opened as a facility for the protection and conservation of the marine environment as well as a place for study and learning? In case they miss our dialogue I have the email addresses of those who have written in and, if you wish, I can write to them and make them aware of your interest. If you feel I could be of further assistance or would like to continue the discussion, please do get in touch.
      With every good wish,

  2. Julie Iamarino says:

    Hello Bill and Angus,
    I attended CJC at Carriacou in it’s final semester when the battle between Gairey and Bishop added some dangerous excitement and nearly ended our school year pre-maturely.
    Continuing my education in Marine Biology would have been my dream as well, but ended up obtaining my Doctor of Chiropractic here in Canada. After an injury my career has taken many turns but for the past few years I have spent my spare time (actually thousands of hours) involved in oceanic, animal and ecological advocacy groups.
    I don’t know what you are looking for in terms of help, but I am always interested in being of service when I can.
    I see this post is several months old, so perhaps I will try ot contact Angus through his email. Thanks for the great blog Bill!

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Hi Julie,
      Thank you for your message. It sounds like you have a lot to offer and I’m sure Angus would love to hear from you. I’m sure he would welcome an email from you. In fact I’m thinking I will compile all the comments directed to him and send them as well. Do keep in touch and please let me know if you get a response. Cheers Bill

  3. Dean Wiley says:

    I attended Carriacou Marine Research Station the summer of 1976 where, in addition to earning a grade 13 credit in Marine Biology, I got my PADI Open Water Scuba certification. The area is what I compare all my scuba dives to, which now seem to be lacking in diversity and have the corals overgrown with sponges; here it was marine life from the shores to the deep. Mangrove swamps nearby gave us an opportunity to see hammerhead sharks as well. It was an interesting time since Jaws had just been in the theatres the year before. I did not pursue a career in Marine Biology, I am a Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist employed at the Public Health Ontario Public Health Laboratory in Toronto.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thanks Dean. You may have seen that areas of sea around Carriacou have, at long last, been turned into marine conservation areas.

    • Dear Bill — Thank you for your web pages on the green-blue paradise, and
      Dear Dean – I believe I must have been on the same transformative summer program as you in 1976.

      I loved the program there and wanted to pursue Marine Biology but was discouraged to do so, as a woman at that time. I certainly continued to dive, cold and warm waters, around the world beyond that. And always wanted to return. Subsequently, I’ve had the pleasure of launching an overseas business for dear Sir Richard Branson, so appreciate any of his investments in education and sustainability! I didn’t go the technology route but went through business with an ecological systems orientation. That led to decades of public health work at all levels of government and rewarding work on research and development of sustainable and eco-friendly water, food, and other programs, I’ve just returned for an MSc Health Sciences in Europe, and wish to formalize findings from a decade of self-funded research, now considering the potential for a PhD in health sciences somewhere. Sidetracked by family commitments with Covid and horrified by the narrow-minded life-denying foolery around it (especially in Canada)… I cherish the experience and ecological orientation shared at Camp Carriacou. I delight to know there are people still out there who love the vast diversity of life, above, below, and — as it turns out — “of” the fourth phase of water. Bravo for paintings, photos too, Here’s to the art of living.
      With all best Wishes

  4. Jaimie Mcvean says:

    I attended I believe 71 Mabey 72. Would love to see pictures.
    Lost mine over the years.
    I need ever carried on with marine biology. But wish I had
    They are some of the fondest memories of my life.

  5. John MacKenzie says:

    Hi everyone! I was in camp carricou in 1968. I would love to connect with anyone from that time. I live in Barbados. Thanks,

    John MacKenzie

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