Camp Carriacou

Camp Carriacou from White Island.

Camp Carriacu as seen from White Island. Feb. 2014.

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3 Responses to Camp Carriacou from White Island.

  1. Norm Howard says:

    Went back about 3 years ago and almost cried. It had a profound effect on teachers as well as students. Jac and I stopped at the top of the road and although the old Rum Hut was closed we had a commemerative shot of Jack . I have sent about 400 slides to be digitized and will selectively post some on the Camp Facebook page.

  2. Dean Wiley says:

    Wow the devastation makes me sad. We had a great international group of students the year I was there in 1976. The waters look so blue. Best scuba diving ever there, on White’s Island, in the Mangrove swamp, and a night drift dive. We had a small shark in the pool by the classroom when I was there; it died before the end of the summer. The cooks had a hundred different ways of cooking plantain, and barracuda steaks were amazing. The bar was where we studied and played backgammon.

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