Carnival in Grenada took place on Monday Feb 26th 1968 and in Carriacou on the following day. Juveau in St George’s began around 5.30am. The streets were packed with bands and we ‘ jumped up’ until breakfast time. In the afternoon I went to Pageant and took photos of the displays and the Beauty Queen line-up. The top calypsos that year were, if I remember, ‘Fire in Your Wire’ sung by Calypso Rose plus ‘Mr Walker’ and ‘Wood in the Fire’ sung by the Mighty Sparrow. I’ve still got Sparrow’s Calypso Carnival LP in my record collection.

On the Tuesday morning I travelled back to Carriacou. There were only four passengers that morning and I spent most of the journey playing dominoes with the crew. When I landed carnival was in full swing. I’ve been told the theme for Mass that year was ‘Tourists ashore.’ I think you can see from the photos people interpreted that in a variety of ways; Bemuda shorts, Bing Crosby pipes or Red Indian outfits. The Carnival Queen for the year was Shirley McLawrence and she would have the pleasure of being in attendance at the formal opening of the airport a few weeks later.

Anyway, to the photos. I shall put up those I have already scanned. I also have some coloured photos which I will add, when I find them. Once again, can I ask if you have any names, comments or corrections please send them using the ‘Comments’ box. If anyone would like to write their memories of that Carnival Day that would be even better. Thank you.

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  1. Margaret Martineau says:

    Who is Bill Cameron? I am Laurel’s little sister, Margaret.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Hi Margaret,
      I taught at Bishop’s College 1967-68. Laurel was in Form 5A in my Geography class, as I recall. Mr Alleyne was headmaster. Other teachers were Rodge, Paddy and Uthan. Say hi to Laurel. Best Wishes, Bill Cameron

  2. EMPRESS says:

    Bill were you on Carriacou for the 1971 carnival?

  3. lee(oliver) nelson says:

    Hi there,
    I was at my uncle’s up in Huddersfield on the weekend talking about home (Carriacou) usual recurrence i must add, but on this occasion the name McQuilkin popped in to conversation and stuck in my head.

    i like to ask questions about the older generations, and he mentioned his father, Casper (suit) Nelson, was the son of
    Asa/Asay McQuilkin from Windward, ”well before your time” i know, just wondered what info you might have on that if any.

    Original comment posted on 30.01.2014

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