Carriacou Carnival

Father Fitton & Jean? from Madonna House.

Father Fitton & Jean? (Madonna House).

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  1. Ron Rozewski says:

    It was a pleasant surprise to run across your images online. Thanks for making the effort.
    I didn’t begin visiting Carriacou until a few years after your 1968 photos were taken.
    I did get to meet some of the Madonnas while I was there, their prominently displayed crosses made them easily recognizable
    One year the head Abbott of the Benedictines from France was visiting in Trinidad and he came to Carriacou to see the Madonnas.
    I was staying at the McKinstrys then and we had the Abbott and some of the Madonnas over for dinner and an evening of socializing.
    I have a Polaroid and would be happy to share it. (This site doesn’t take attachments)


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