Carriacou Carnival

Barnabus and friends.

1st left Solomon McKenzie 2nd left Canta Fleary, 3rd left Merrill Prime, Far right Barnabus Bethel.

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13 Responses to Carriacou Carnival

  1. Nick Cox says:

    Merril Prime, second from right, lives in Brooklyn
    The one second from left I know, but cannot recall the name. He is in Bklyn too.

  2. Jerva says:

    Canta Fleary

  3. Nick Cox says:

    Canta Fleary is second from Left.
    Canta ois a nickname. I do not know his official Christian name.

  4. JOSEPH BEDEAU says:

    1st on left is John McKenzie also known as Bacardi. Lives in Brooklyn

  5. Clarisa Scott says:

    It’s a pleasure to see all these past students from Bishops College

    • Bill Cameron says:

      It is also a pleasure to hear from you Clarisa. How are you keeping? Are you still living in Carriacou and do you keep in contact with any of the other students from our time in BC? I would love to hear from you again.
      All the best,

  6. Agnes Mckenzie-nee Brown(wife of Solomon) says:

    The youngman on the left is Solomon McKenzie, not is brother John MCkenzie.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thank you Agnes. I will hop across to the website and make the necessary changes. Sorry I got Solomon mixed up with his brother. I must have had a senior moment. Please send my best regards to Solomon. I hope you are all well. Are you still living in C’cou? Best wishes, Bill

      • Agnes Mckenzie-nee Brown(wife of Solomon) says:

        Hi Bill

        It’s a pleasure hearing from you. Great work on Bishops’s College.
        We are both residing in New York, but visit Carriacou yearly.
        Solomon sends his regards, and says that you taught him Geography in Bishop’s College.

        Best Wishes

        • Bill Cameron says:

          Lovely to hear from you Agnes. I think I taught Solomon (I use the term loosely 🙂 ) English Language, Literature, Scripture AND Geography. I still have his grades if he would like to see them! I do believe I taught you as well Agnes and, as I recall, you came out top of the class in Geography and Scripture but maybe we should keep that to ourselves :). I also taught Stephanie McKenzie in 5A. Was she any relation to Solomon? BTW the photo of Solomon and Barnabus etc is one of my most favourite photos. Fi and I go back to Carriacou most years. It would be wonderful if we coincided and could meet up. All the best, Bill

  7. Patrick David says:

    Hi Bill,
    The genealogist in me is coming out again…yes Canter is Martin FLEARY.
    Happy new year to you and all on this site .


    • Bill Cameron says:

      Well spotted Patrick. He is on the list I think. I do remember Martin.

      Season’s greetings to you and your family. The weather here is awful but not as bad as Cumbria where I grew up. My brother lives in Lancashire and he has just sent me some scary flood pictures near to him. I hope you are all safe.

      I think I’m coming up to London for a couple of days on Jan. 5th.

      All the best,

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