Carriacou Livestock Exhibition

Carriacou Livestock Exhibition.

Tuesday 19th March 1968

On the same day as the opening of Lauriston airstrip a grand Livestock Exhibition was held. It was organised, largely as I recall, by the Exhibition Committee. Mr. Barratt, the Chief Agricultural Officer, called me and asked if I would set up an exhibit for Bishop’s College.

Bishop’s College Exhibit

It so happened that the Geography class had been on a ‘Field Day’ around the island on February 1st. We had also been working on an exhibition for Presentation Evening and we were able to put together a comprehensive exhibit covering, soil (erosion), reefs, vegetation, livestock (distribution and numbers), population figures and local produce. A number of students from my Geography class in 5A and my Biology class from Form 4 put the whole thing together in their spare time.

(It would be nice to hear from anyone who can remember being involved in that project.)

Exhibition Timetable

12.00 noon           Opening speech by Hon. Premier, E.M.Gairy.

Tour of exhibition stalls.

12.15 – 12.45        Show ring judging of Dairy Cattle.

12.45         First DONKEY RACE.

1.20 – 1.30            Show ring judging of Beef Cattle.

1.30 – 1.40            2nd DONKEY RACE.

1.40 – 2.20            Show ring judging of Sheep and Goats.

2.20 – 2.30            Tug of War.

2.30 – 2.40            3rd DONKEY RACE.

2.40 – 3.30            Parade of Winners.

3.30            Prize Giving Ceremony.

Address:                Chairman of Exhibition Committee, Mr. Nelson Cox,

District Revenue Officer.

Address:                Chief Technical Officer (Agricultural Research).

Presentation of Prizes by Honourable Premier.

Vote of Thanks by Mr. Sydney Cudgoe, Member of


4.45              State Anthem by Carriacou Steel Band.

Premier leaves (to open Lauriston Airstrip).

The Exhibition

In the morning everyone worked frantically to put up the exhibits. Just as we finished the rain poured down filling the canvas sheeting and running into the stalls. Luckily, the weather cleared after lunch and enough of the exhibits survived to make a very presentable exhibition.

Everest Alexander and Nell Gabriel acted as representatives for Bishops College. Nell and Mr Alleyne met Mr Gairy and the other dignitaries and explained each of the exhibits. We took the opportunity to emphasise the problems of soil erosion especially on the eastern side of the island. Our models showed how ‘gully’ erosion was destroying good agricultural land and the efforts that were being made to try and resolve this problem.

Soil Conservation Project

George Touchton and myself set up a working link with Mr Barratt and the Agricultural Department. The officers came in to college to give talks on soil erosion and conservation. Mr Barratt arranged for the College to take over a piece of eroded land so we could work on a reclamation project. Unfortunately, I left before the project could be fully initiated.

Donkey Races

The Donkey Races were great fun.  I seem to remember, though my memory may be suspect, that one was a ‘Slow’ Donkey Race and the winner was the last one over the line. As I recall each contestant tried to hold his own donkey back whilst ‘encouraging’ the opposition donkeys, by whatever means, to go faster. (Does anyone have any recollections of such an event?)

Sheep & Cattle Distribution in Carriacou for 1968.

Someone, somewhere may be interested in these figures.

District Sheep Cattle

Sabazan-Kendace                                               200                     50

Mt. Pleasant                                                        510                   130

Grand Bay                                                          205                     65

Bay-a-leau, Belvedere, & Limlair                           195                     85

Dover                                                                 110                     50

Windward                                                             75                      35

La Pelle & Petit Carinage                                        95                      42

Bogles & Cherry Hill                                              60                      35

Craigston                                                            140                     18

Belair                                                                  135                     40

Top Hill                                                                 70                     45

La Resouce                                                            80                     50

Mt. D’or                                                                 30                     20

Mt. Royal                                                               22                     10

Beausejour                                                           110                     50

Brunswick                                                             150                     48

Prospect Hall                                                           70                     25

Six Roads & Dumfries                                             125                    80

Bellvue South & Fairhill                                           145                   100

Belmont                                                                  75                    45

Harvey Vale & Hermitage                                        160                   120

L’esterre                                                                160                    58

Lauriston                                                                290                     —

Mt. Desire                                                               30                     10

Morne Jalouse                                                         24                     20

Petit Martinique                                                      275                    25

Totals 3541                 1256

I wonder how these figures compare with livestock numbers today?

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