Eric Gairy Visits Carriacou.

Andronicus Jacobs with motor cycle escort.

Andronicus Jacobs with motor cycle escort.

Andronicus Jacobs with motor cycle escort.

Andronicus Jacobs in front of motor cycle.
Looks like Francis Jones back turned, left foreground (from Ken Steill).

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  1. J Izzaak says:

    Hello Bill,

    Its a beautiful experience to have this window into Carriacou. Actually, the gentleman is Andronicus Jacobs. He was the Parliamentary Secretary at the time.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thank you for your comments. The last time I saw Andronicus was when he interrupted Herbert Blaize’s speech in the Market Square one evening and nearly caused a riot. All very exciting, I seem to remember.

  2. Denise Jacobs says:

    I am interested in hearing more about the speach and Mr Jacobs interruption. He was my grandfathers brother.

    Original comment posted on 15.05.2014

  3. Denise Jacobs says:

    Interested in hearing more about this! What were his comments that were so provoking?!?!

    Original comment posted on 15.05.2014

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Hi Denise,
      Thank you for contacting me on the Carriacou 1968 website. I have written a reply for you on the website and I’ve pasted it for you below. I hope my comments help to explain what occurred.

      ‘Hi Denise,
      Thank you for taking the time to write. The incident in question occurred on Sunday evening of Feb. 18th 1967. Andronicus had recently been appointed Parliamentary Secretary. On that particular evening Mr Blaize was holding a meeting in the Market Square. Mr Blaize was in the middle of a speech in which he had been openly critical of Mr Rigg. He had accused Mr Rigg of switching his political allegiance after the elections. The crowd was fairly quiet but they became a bit more vociferous when Andronicus suddenly appeared on the platform and took issue with something Mr Blaize had said. The difference of opinion appeared to revolve around an anti-Gairy sermon that had been made by a young Catholic priest in Grenada. Words were exchanged between Andronicus and Mr Blaize. The crowd became a little excited. The confrontation was finally resolved when they both agreed on a date when they could meet.’

      With every good wish,

      Original comment posted on 15.05.2014

  4. Theophilus says:

    My daughter Denise happened to send me this Email which I have received with thankful appreciation to the her and the Divine Power of the Universe Who has seen fit for me to witness an image of Andronicus Jacobs returning to Carricou in 1968 -the Island of his birth 1 year after my father, Cleophas Sr.’s transition.
    Andronicus, together with his brother, Dr. of Chiropractics -Theodolphus, and their cousin, Cleophas Sr. left the Island of Carricou in 1926 to become Citizens of the United states.
    It is a profound Spiritual moment for me to imagine the living scenario that is evidence of a reality in the life of Cousin Andro shortly after he arrived at his detination from New York. I remember when he left N. Y. but did not have the privilage of securing that moment of recorded history.
    The three cousins were very active in the Marcus Garvey organization, The Universal Negro Improvement Association, and the New York Waterfront where the interest of Black Longshoremen, during the 1940’s WW2 years and the years leading into the mid 1950’s, –“faced” incredible discrimination practices.
    Under the assistance of Andronicus and the leadership of Cleophas Sr., who was President of the all Black Jim Crow Local #968 of the International Longshorman’s Association, major changes were acomplished –namely, –the Waterfront Commission was established and the De-throning of Life Time President, Joseph P. Ryan who refused to honor the integrity of the Black Lonshorman as equally deserving or entitled to the benefits common to White laborers on peirs that were exclusively off limits for Black Men.
    Cleophas Jacobs Sr., Andronicus and Mr. Joseph Banks lead the process and fight that established equal time to be shared in the distribution of jobs, after the 2nd WW, -and guaranteed Benefits for Card Holding Union members, including Black workers, as agreed by law and regulation.
    It came to pass that the inequities and inequality was eliminated and a proper balance of work for Black Longshormen on all New York, Staten Island and New Jersey Piers was established after Cleophas Sr’s testimony before the “Senate Comission on Labor Relations and the Public Welfare” was held May 1949 and including the execution of a major physical confrontation during a defiant sit-in at the Union Hdq’s organized and lead by Andronicus Jacobs.
    These pioneers, Andronicus and his Brother Theodolphus and the Local #968 President Cleophas Jacobs –who together left the Island of Carricou in 1926, at the average age of 28 and courageously ventured to an unknown place of mystery and differences without fear or trembling, deicided the need for solutions and advanced to finally resolve the problems that set in motion some benefits that promoted dignity in the lives of untold numbers of laborers that is still in continuance.
    Andronicus and the many heros of yesterday’ changes is invisible to most people of today but remains vividly nostalgic to me in 2014 approximately 64 years later.
    I am humbly proud but modest to be connected by blood to my Grand Father Joseph Kudjoe whose Father was kidnapped approximately 1840 from Eastern Nigeria, as an Ibo Tribes-Man of Royal Blood.
    I am blessed to have survived the tumultuous backlashes that was aimed at stoping these Black Men of Courage and Principles.

    Original comment posted on 15.05.2014

  5. Theophilus says:

    Dear Reader,
    I would like to insert a correction; –the first paragraph line 3 —Andronicus’s return to Carricou in 1968 was 1o years after Cleophas Sr.’s transition — not 1 year.
    Thank you,
    Theophilus Jacobs

    Original comment posted on 19.05.2014

  6. Ken Steill says:

    Looks like Francis Jones back turned, left foreground

  7. Tema Horton (Jacobs) says:

    So much history here. My sister Denise Jacobs & our Dad Cleophas T. Jacobs know more of the family history than I do. I’m still learning. I wish I would’ve met my grandfather Cleophas T Jacobs, Sr. He transitioned before I was born.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thank you for your comments Tema. Andronicus was an important man in Carriacou. If you have any information you would like to share please send and I will make sure it is recorded for posterity.
      All the best,

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