Paul Burnett’s Photo Gallery from 1967.


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4 Responses to 013-Starlight-V

  1. Nick Cox says:

    The first boat I rode on.
    Carriacou to Grenada and back, sometime in 1966 of 1967.
    Gives me chills.

  2. Nick Cox says:

    (My trip was 1966 or 1967. It had to be during the August primary school holidays)
    Come to think of it, maybe I was on board then. Who knows!

  3. Kim D Taylor says:

    I sailed on Starlight from Grenada to Carriacou and back in May 1965 and am now writing an account of 18 months I spent in the West Indies at that time. I should love to use this shot of Starlight as a small reproduction in my account.

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