Sun Blisters Combo Band

The names of the band were, Leo Joseph, Dennis (Poko) Joseph, David Joseph, Francis Benjamin, Harris David, Cyril Sylvester (Throat), Winston Belmar, Leroy George (Pancake) and Larry Cummings. My memory has it that almost every dance and fete we ever went to featured the Sun Blisters Combo. New Year was particularly busy, I remember. Saturday December 30th 1967 I travelled with the band to PM. We sailed from Windward (of course) and set up the equipment and generator in the hall. The band played all night and in the early hours of the morning we rounded up the benches and slept on them. I had loaned someone $5.00 earlier in the evening.  At around 04.00am we had just got our heads down when I heard someone hammering on the door. When I opened it I was astonished to find it was the same guy. He had walked home down the island and returned just to give back the money he had borrowed.

The following day the band returned to Carriacou and I stayed with Paddy to celebrate Old Year’s Night and New Year’s Day on PM. After Midnight mass we went serenading around the houses until dawn. The music was playing at 6.30am when I went for a kip and they were still playing at 8.30am when I got up.

That morning I returned to Carriacou for a big old celebration lunch. Soon after lunch I met up with the Sun Blisters again and we set sail for Union Island for another gig. A Land Rover met us at Union quay and took us to the local hall where we set up the gear and generator. The band, that night, were in tremendous form and I remember being amazed that they would each change instruments during the course of the night. Once again, we slept on the benches and returned to Carriacou the following day. Three of the photos show the band arriving in Union on the afternoon of New Year’s Day 1968. And so 1968 had begun.

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7 Responses to Sun Blisters Combo Band

  1. Naomi Jentsch says:

    Oh Bill what a wonderful idea and delightful set of photos! You must have had a wonderful time with the people who made up the Sun Blisters band and I can really sense the joy of the occassion!
    Every blessing
    Naomi xxx

  2. Bill Clack says:

    Hi Bill

    Thanks for sending this. We look forward to seeing more photo’s.
    Jill and Bill

  3. kenny D says:

    I work with Cyril Sylvester for over 35 yrs. as a Sandhog……He’s so in love with that pic of him alone….with his base guitar and his pants hiked up almost to “Top Hill!” ….that I have to keep printing out pic’s for him and his friends and family…..

    Today he asked for another!!!!

    Kenny D
    (born in the Bronx by the way)

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thanks for the comment, Kenny. I’m glad Cyril likes the photo. Send him my regards. Does he still play and……….. what’s a Sandhog may I ask? Cheers, Bill

      • kenneth dunn says:

        Sandhogs build tunnels! Cyril is Vice-President of the Tunnel Building Union in New York City…and very active in the West Indian Community…and highly esteemed by all those who have any dealings with him. His musical days are over……….as far as active playing.

      • Bill Cameron says:

        Excellent. I’ve learned something. I must say every one of those Carriacouans who departed for the States seem to have made names for themselves. They’re quite a talented crew.

    • billcameronphotography says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m pleased Cyril likes his photo. Does he still play? By the way, what is a Sandhog may I ask? Cheers Bill

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