Sun Blisters Photo Shoot (Images 1-17)

There are names of people I cannot remember, if you can remember them, or you are in these pictures drop me a line and I will update the image names.

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6 Responses to Sun Blisters Photo Shoot (Images 1-17)

  1. Nick Cox says:

    Thanks for the memories. All photos are quite a treat. I would love to be able to print the photo of the schooner “Star Light V”, the cover photo. I was still eight years old then, but I will try my best to get the names of the individuals in the photos from those that should know.

    Nick Cox
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. Nick Cox says:

    Please notify

  3. Don Hill says:

    I recorded the Sunblisters in early 1970s but I never got such good photos. Leo and Poco should check these out. Didn’t they also have a steelband component to the group or at least Leo played with the pans.

    Nick, it is good to read your comments.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      I think they already have checked them out Don. Yes there was a steelband element and I’ll be putting up photos some time in the near future. Cheers

  4. William "Billy" Mott says:

    it is 2 am i have to go to work tomorrow. Look at Cyril! I grew with him in Brooklyn and only knew him as an older man. Had no idea he played music or where he worked. Only saw him at gatherings….The Flamingo and 45 Rockaway Pkwy. wher Thomasit Vespry lived.

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