Masima Noel – Carriacou’s oldest resident.

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5 Responses to Masima Noel – Carriacou’s oldest resident.

  1. Robert Reid Camp Carriacou 1973 says:

    So fish is the answer to longevity and brain power!! What an incredible story she must have.

  2. Ron Rozewski says:

    The catch is that the fish have to come from the waters around Carriacou!

  3. This is incredible. She looks amazing and familiar but I don’t seem to know her. At 114 years, she is in awesome shape, mind and body. Just amazing!

  4. Ray Alexander Hamilton says:

    Masima Noel thank you for you inspiration . Another gift from Carriacou . An island with a rare history and a rare people . I miss my friends on Windward . Thanks to Bill Cameron for posting .Regards Ray from Antigua

  5. Jennae says:

    That’s my cousin

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