Bishop’s College Field Trip

5A Students.

5A Students.

Sybil, Clarissa, Festina (in front), Ann, Marjorie, Jacinta, Palmira, Nell, Bernice (back row). Who else?

Standing L-R Christina (rex) King, Pasy Bedeau, ??, Leticia Bartholomew, Nell Gabriel,Palmyra Augustine, Maria Joseph, Marjorie Thomas, Ann Alexis. Judith John Between Leticia & Nell. Front L-R Sybil David, Festina Scott Clarissa Scott. Young girl looks like Carlyle Hope’s daughter Gillian.

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  1. hector alexis says:

    I believe that two students in front are Clarissa Scott and Festina Scott (sisters) Festina is wearing glasses. The other student crouching unknown to me. In the back: first on the left Ann Alexis, then Marjorie Thomas (with glasses) I recognize a few familar faces but can’t remember names. Hope this helps

  2. Kayak Girl says:

    Between Marjorie and Palmyra is Maria (Lou) Joseph. Does anyone know who is the child in front of and the person at the back between Nell & Letticia?

  3. Len Joseph says:

    Any idea of Maria Lou Joseph as of today?
    Last contact April 1969.

    Original comment posted on 10.02.2014

  4. Ken Steill says:

    Standing L-R Christina (rex) King, Patsy Bedeau, ??, Leticia Bartholomew, Nell Gabriel, ??, ??, Marjorie Thomas, Ann Alexis. Judith John between Leticia and Nell. Front L-R Sybil David, Palmira Augustine, Clarissa Scott.
    The kid looks like Carlyle Hope’s daughter Gillian.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Hi Ken, Thanks for all your comments. I think the student you have identified as Palmira in this photo may in fact be Festina. The students between Nell and Marjorie are, I think, Palmira and Maria Joseph. What do you think?

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