Bishop’s College Field Trip

Crop Planting Experiments.

Crop Planting Experiments.

Possibly Sabazan or L’Esterre?

Possibly Sabazan??

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2 Responses to Crop Planting Experiments.

  1. Astor Andrew says:

    Hi Mr. Cameron, I was very happy to see the pictures and information on the website of Bishop’s College. You did a fabulous job and I think if you had remained in Carriacou longer, you could have done a lot more for the island. I will bring awareness of this website to anyone I come in contact with that was a student at Bishop’s College.

    Thanks again for all you did back then, and for this website.

    Fondest regards,
    Astor Andrew

  2. Ken Steill says:

    Sabazan?? may be

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