Sydney Cudgoe’s wedding.

Nick Cox Your Parents at their wedding. That brickwork hints Hillsborough RC Church. Patrick Patsy Compton, Samuel Fleary. I am trying to figure out the two young boys. Possibly Charles and Samuel. Henry and Leroy were older and maybe left by then. The person behind Patsy Compton looks like Ben Coy.
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Christopher Cudjoe
Christopher Cudjoe You doing well with the adults
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Nick Cox
Nick Cox Th young girls seem to be no more than 10 years old. I would only know them if they were from North Side (Meldrum, Belvidere, Limlair, Dover etc.) Mavis and Jane fall in that category, but I cannot recognize them.
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Christopher Cudjoe
Christopher Cudjoe One on the little girls to the right is Denise Clyne Clement
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  1. Gillian Cudjoe says:

    My Mom, the bride, would be able to identify all or most of the people in the pic

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