Bishop’s College

George Touchton.

George Touchton, Maths teacher.

George Touchton, Maths teacher at BC.

George and, wife, Cathy were funded by ‘The National Catholic Rural Life Conference’.

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  1. claudette mclaren-alicea says:

    I have often wondered what ever happened to Mr. & Mrs. Touchton. They were wonderful teachers. It would be nice to get in touch with them again.

  2. George's Stepdaughter says:

    Please, contact me and I will give you George’s and Cathy’s information. Thank you

    • Hello George’s Stepdaughter,

      Life today when seen in only its true depth is not even fit for conversation because the atrocities upon this human race are just so deep that a lifetime with a million book library would never even scratch the surface, bou that is neither here nor there regarding why I am speaking to you so sorry–lol– as I move on to my reason with purpose.

      Life is also confusion for many and even more so depending on their particular situation. I met George in about 1968 when he was in Glen Ellyn with his first new wife Cathy, then a few years later I hitched from the Chicago burbs to Jacksonville Florida and stayed with them a couple weeks, then a few years later it was Schenectady NY and it was well over thirty years ago when they went their own ways in life.

      Remember what I said about life being with some confusion? Do I have the right or wrong George? What I am looking for is a way to get in contact with Cathy his first wife because she is my cousin and we have many similar interests to talk about. Were his daughters Jennifer and Amanda who I also can’t seem to locate just to inquire where to contact Cathy?

      If I am wrong and off base I apologize, but we all have to start somewhere.

      Take care,


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