Bishop’s College

Josiah McLeod of class 5B.

Josiah McLeod then in Form 5B.

Josiah McLeod.

Josiah McLeod.

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5 Responses to Josiah McLeod of class 5B.

  1. Patrick David says:

    The late, great ‘Red Joe’…..never to be forgotten. One of the original Bishops’ College students.

    • Bill Cameron says:

      Thanks for the comments Patrick. Josiah was a great guy and sadly missed. He was always too big for the desk; carried it on his knees when he sat down as I recall.

  2. Patrick David says:

    My best friend ever. Yes, he was v tall over 6′ 3″.Sadly missed indeed!

  3. Brown says:

    Yes he was Great my best friend Miss him dearly Gone too soon Remember when he came to New York lady stopped him and asked him if he dyed his hair he told her Noo thit is his Original she ask can she get a piece to buy the Color for her Salon

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