Carriacou Carnival

Velma McQuilkin (L),Daphne Roberts (now Steill), Laurel Martineau (R)

Velma McQuilkin (L) Daphne Roberts (now Steill) (C) LaurelMartineau (R). Central lady still to be named.

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7 Responses to Carriacou Carnival

  1. McLaren says:

    I believe the one on the right may be Laurel Martineau and the one on the left is Velma McLawrence. Do you have any more of the Windward gang?

  2. Velma Forde says:

    That is me (Velma McQuilkin) in the left, Daphne Roberts (now Stiell) and Laurel Martineau on the right.

  3. Velma Forde says:

    Hi Bill,

    McQuilkin is my maiden name. The person who identified me got the last name wrong. My mother’s maiden name was McLawrence.

  4. Bill Cameron says:

    Thank you Velma. I’ve changed that for you.

  5. Laurel martineau says:

    Hi Bill! Greetings to you. HA! This picture is floating around my house and I wonder why. Yes.That is me Laurel for sure. Thats a whole lot of 42 years gone by.I now live in Toronto. Canada working at Trinity College.Univ.of Toronto.Single and no children.My mother is from Carriacou but I am from Tobago. I was in Carriacou getting to know my mother’s family. I spent about 5 years there before returning to Tobago and then to Canada. What about you.? I am trying to remember you. but some things are a bit vague in my memory.since so much have happened over the years. So Long-Blessings! Laurel

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