Linton Rigg Biography

‘Sixty Years of Sport’, Sailing from the Age of Gatsby to the Grenadine Islands’ by Art Ross.

I have just received the exciting news that a biography on the life of Linton Rigg, written by Art Ross is to be published in the next few weeks. Wonderful news and congratulations, Art, on a job well done.

Below is part of the email Art sent me yesterday which I would like to share with you all.

Today the proof of ‘Sixty Years of Sport’, sailing from the age of Gatsby to the Grenadine Islands’ arrived. I am very excited, I started with a plan about the way I hoped it would look, there are about 100 photos and illustrations, and it came out great. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not Alexis’ book quality, this is a small 8.5×8.5″ black and white inexpensive production, suggested retail will be about $15US.


‘Last week I heard from the Carriacou museum, Canute Calliste’s family, and they want to carry it, which pleases me allot. Id like all the island stores to have it if I can find someone to sell it to them for me.  It will be about a month until distribution as my publisher left today for holiday for 3 weeks. Noprob mon, all good.’


Linton Rigg Biography by Art Ross


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  1. Susan Levy says:

    I am Linton Rigg’/ granddaughter. I was so pleased to read your post!

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